I saw in readme file that restricted users cannot use VPN Client due to
restriction to KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE section of the Registry. Can somebody
tell us which permisions to KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE section of the Registry
are needed?.

There is also issue with Standard Users which cannot get DNS server
configuration from VPN server.

This limitation is very good :(( for corporate administrators and it is
true Enterprise Edition feature. Why is not this stupid limitation
highlighted on product page, I think many users will never buy BM for
corporate usage if thay know about this limitation. Is Novell going to
fix it soon?

Ales Seifert

part of readme file:
4.0 Known Issues and Limitations
3. Restricted Users on Windows 2000 and Windows XP
are unable to use the VPN client because these
users do not have privileges to update the
KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE section of the Registry.
Standard Users and Administrators may use the VPN