GW link/copy is broken. When linked/copied item is trashed AND deleted (using GW:JAVA Client under OpenSuSE Kernal maybe using other clients as well) GW pulls the original item into the TRASH folder.

Also, documentation claims that there is an EDIT > MOVE/LINK option
(using same client as listed here.)

Here's my post into the online documentation 'comments' section.
Footnotes shown on the documentation page directed me to these forums.

I'll post here as well.

The issue is especially counter intuitive or perhaps a bug...(?)

Item is created
Item is linked/copied to another folder...
Copied/Linked Item is later deleted ...
TRASH folder is emptied...
Original item gets pulled into the TRASH folder...

It can be undeleted to it's source folder BUT if it's a link it returns to that owning folder...
If it's the original of course it returns to it's owning folder as well... yet ...

Is the item the original or is it the link/copy? Where is the option to easily identify link or original?

I suppose, that if one wants to delete the link then one MUST want to delete the original as well... even if the original is buried deep with nested folders???

:::: Client ::::
Program Release: 8.0.2 07/07/2010 (gwclient.jar)
Build Number: 90840.9827
Java Runtime Version : 1.6.0_20-b02 (Oracle Technology Network for Java Developers)
Platform: Linux / / i386

Incorrect Documentation For Linux Client

Moving or Linking an Item to Another Folder

1 Drag an item from the Item List to the folder you want.
Press Ctrl while you drag the item to link it to that folder.

Use menu options to perform the same task:
a Select an item, then click Edit > Move/Link to Folders
b Select the folders you want to move or link the item to, then click Move or Link.
c Select Delete old links to remove the item from all folders it was previously linked to and place it in the selected folder.

If you delete the original item, the copies in your other folders remain.

To start: Groupwise (ALL versions) has never had an intuitive copy (linking) mechanism.

This JAVA version is no different. Also, The documentation, on some functions, are incorrect.

As far as I'm concerned, I just live with the many shortcomings of GW and it's documentation. MOST specialized functions work great and are very creative no mater how rarely used, some functions are very clever.

However, BASIC functions!!!, like the search function, as I've noted before, were NOT conducive to productivity. Fixed in version 8.0.1 *I think*.

Anyhow, It's very likely; that I, just as everyone else, instructs... "Don't use that function... I know that it doesn't work like it's supposed to, just don't try to use that function" (the QA & documentation depts. must have missed that item.)

As outlined above, the documentation is incorrect: under GW:JAVA version there is no such menu item "edit > Move/Link (copy)" however, the mouse action using CTRL Drag&Drop works fine... HOWEVER!!!!
This is a huge HOWEVER... When either the LINK or the Original item (regardless of item type) is deleted into the TRASH Folder (and then flushed permanently) the associated item THEN ALSO gets pulled into the TRASH folder.

There are many GW configurations where this can send an Admin to restoring from backup, depending on how critical the deleted item(s).

So, documentation SHOULD read: Be cautious when deleting linked items: When linked items exist in the TRASH folder and the TRASH folder is emptied; the original item will be sucked into the TRASH folder.
(Also, there is not an obvious distinction between linked or original items.)

Linked/Copied items' properties should be addressed transparently: perhaps with a configuration option as well.
End users could choose to see an altered icon/tag showing a linked status (As with the paperclip/attachment status.) Default is ON.

=-=-=- OR =-=-=-=-

Allow a true copy of an item to be created with corresponding property element denoting COPY. Allowing the item to be fully processed as if it were an original, yet retaining the COPY status flag.

I won't presume to suggest the remedy and improvement of GW, however, there are some BASIC functionality issues, such as addressing COPY/MOVE/LINK functions and documenting the BASIC (and IMO Best Practice of Basic Functionality), which are in DIRE need.

Every programmer that I encounter, I remind them that (for example) Microsoft Pascal (c1990) contained a Best Practices Documentation for Windows Programs. It included the BASIC framework that DEFINED a windows application... FILE EDIT SETTINGS HELP menu structure. THIS IS PART of what made them famous and allowed MS to define the desktop...
Example: Run any NOVELL SuSE Linux Application for quick visual example of that application UI framework. FILE/EDIT/SETTINGS/HELP

I'm not about to glorify MS in anyway... the functionality is all that I care about.

It's also ISO9xxx ... docs = procs / procs = docs.

Suggestion/Reminder: Establish the uncompromising foundation of function THEN embellish as desired. (ie skins and themes :eyeroll: )