Hi there,

We are having issues with some Shared Excel Workbooks sitting on an NSS Volume.

User's are reporting the spreadsheets showing as Locked occasionally and slow to open. When I go into them myself I can see multiple user's still showing as having the workbook open from days ago, sometimes even multiple instances of the same username.

The Server is Running NW 6.5 SP 06
Clients are 4.91 SP4 All Windows XP

I've checked Adv Settings on the clients and File Caching is Disabled.

I've also noticed there are temporary files appearing in the same folder (ie DF2D0000) with no extension which seems to point to an issue with the workbook saving correctly.

To eliminate the workbooks I've created a new workbook and copied all worksheets across which hasn't solved anything.

Has anyone seen this before or have any suggestions on how to further troubleshoot?

Many Thanks