Good day.

I had a problem with reading attachments.
I Use C++ and "GW C3PO API" for creating add-in. Put button to toolbox at message edit form. ("GW.MESSAGE.MAIL" context).

So my problem is.

I create message and save it to draft folder.
Open message without attachments from draft folder and add some attachment.

On push my button using "GroupWise Object API" I read attachments, but count is 0.
If save message and push button again attachment count is 1.

Can I using "GroupWise Object API" read actual attachment count without saving message?
Can I some how handle process adding attachments to message?
Can I read some message property to know, that attachment count was changed?

I can save message in program, but I know nothing about changing of attachments, exist method CGWCommand::Validate but it raises on message dirty state changing (as i know, text changes and other message changes). It's not a variant put there message saving and save all time.

I can read actual attachment count using "Token APIs" but IF MESSAGE NOT NEW and it's ID not "X00" for GW7 (i am not sure for older versions) when GWClient closes RAISES EXCEPTION: "TPH error 0x00000cf6".

Does anybody had this problem? And knows how to solve it.
Thanx for all help and suggestion.

Regards Alex.