I have a netware 6.5sp8 volume I want to migrate onto a new SLES10 OES2 sp3 box (both VMs)

When I try to run miggui on the sles box it just hangs as soon as I hit configure (having previously connected to both the source and the new server and selected file system as what i want to migrate.

All I can do is bounce the box. Having done that more than once, I decided to look at alternatives. Using Homes by HBWare looked like a contender. I tested it by coping some folders over and then running it - hey presto it assigned the right owners! Great I thought until .... I realised that we have 100's of folders owned by groups. Obviously if I manually move the folders, they lose trustee rights. Homes only works on user accounts and not groups.

So, is there anything out there (preferably free) that I can do / use to re-assign all trustee rights to my groups folders as well as individual home folders?

Many thanks
Chris Doyle