Here is my configuration: Our internet connection hooks up to a Netopia
3546 router. The Netopia router hooks up to the public side of a server
which will eventually be our border mananager server (will refer to as bm
server). bm Server OS is 6.0sp4. On the private side of this server is
the local area network and the production server. From the bm server, we
have DNS resolution to the internet. From the production server, we can
only ping out to the public address of the Netopia (can't get to the
internet). The Netopia has static route of 192.168.nnn.0 (our production
network) with the gateway being the public address of the bm server. No
other static routes are defined in any other router table. The
production server, bm server, and router all have default routes to their
respective "next hop" routers. From a workstation located between the
Netopia and the bm server, we were able to ping the production server.
What are we missing? We desperately need to establish connectivity thru
the bm server so we can install bm at this site. Thanks in advance for
any help offered.