Hi ;
I am upgrading 7.0.3 to 8.02 HP 2, right now I am practicing on a test server, brand new NW65 SP8, just downloaded the tcp nss and edirectory fixes.
I have installed the MTA and PO they are working.

On the GWIA, I can not get past the LDAP login. I have gone into C1 and the LDAP Group and Server objects and disabled the encryption for login. I set DSTRACE=ON, there are no messages.
GroupWise internet agent name screen after I fill in the information and click next.

Here is the error message I am receiving.
com.novell.gw.api.directory.edir.EdirAuthenticatio nException: (Error -632) Unexpected results have occurred.
at com.novell.gw.api.directory.edir.EdirectoryConnect ion.authenticate(Unknown Source)
at com.novell.gw.api.install.InstallConnectionProvide r.authenticate(Unknown Source)
at com.novell.gw.api.install.InstallUtilities.authent icate(Unknown Source)
Caused by: com.novell.admin.common.exceptions.UniqueSPIExcept ion: (Error -632) Unexpected results have occurred.
at com.novell.admin.common.exceptions.UniqueSPIExcept ion.newException(UniqueSPIException.java:102)
at com.novell.admin.ns.nds.jclient.NDSNamespaceImpl.r esolveSPIException(NDSNamespaceImpl.java:5332)
at com.novell.admin.ns.nds.jclient.NDSNamespaceImpl.a uthenticate(NDSNamespaceImpl.java:3768)
... 3 more
Caused by: novell.jclient.JCException: login -632 ERR_SYSTEM_FAILURE
at novell.jclient.JCContext.login(Native Method)
at com.novell.admin.ns.nds.jclient.NDSNamespaceImpl.a uthenticate(NDSNamespaceImpl.java:3750)
... 3 more

Why do we have to login if we are already logged in?
Thanks in advance.