I'm using dbcopy to backup GW data

dbcopy -v -w /opt/novell/groupwise/db/gwdom /home/gwbak/db/gwdom
dbcopy -v -w /opt/novell/groupwise/db/gwpo /home/gwbak/db/gwpo

After about a month I checked folder size

du -hs /opt/novell/groupwise/db gives 8.1Gb
du -hs /opt/novell/groupwise/db/gwdom gives 8.1Gb
du -hs /opt/novell/groupwise/db/gwpo gives 2.5Mb

du -hs /home/gwbak/db gives 7.9Gb
du -hs /home/gwbak/db/gwdom gives 1.9Gb
du -hs /home/gwbak/db/gwpo gives 7.9Gb

I'm I missing something ?

is backup complete or are there missing files?

NB: I'm running this with agents still loaded

Any help / pointers appreciated