We need to perform a SAN migration. The customer has a new SAN and we need to migrate the data from the old SAN to the new one. We have an oes2 sp3, 3 node cluster (Virtualized in VMware ESX 4.1). We are using Raw devices and will setup the new LUNs (SAN LUNs) as standalone RDM volumes and make them available to the nodes (not as cluster resources). Once the data & rights (all NSS attributes) are copied over we'll remove the old RDMs and rename/convert the new ones to cluster resources with the same name. This we've done before and works fine. The only problem we have is to "migrate" the File rights. We are currently testing the MLS/MAPRIGHTS solution because the metamig for trustees will only work if the absoulte path is the same and in the beginning it won't be and the restore for a 600GB NSS Volume with 4.5 mil files has already taken 44 hours and is still not finished. Of course this is not acceptable..... 44 hours... WOW! Now I've got 2 questions, are we doing something wrong with the MLS/MIGRIGHTS process? Is there a way to speed it up? The process is local and not over the LAN. The next question is what are your expierences relating to the migration of trustees? What do you use? I'm thinking of testing metamig but that would mean that the original volume would be gone before I could check to see if the trustees were successfully migrated. That of course would or could have a massive effect on my fallback process (return to the original environment if it doesn't work). BTW, we will be using Robocopy to copy the files because migfiles and the other tools are to slow.

Any ideas, help or advice would be greatly appreciated.