I am running Netware 6.5 SP1, Border Manager 3.8 Eval, with VPN server
configured and NAT installed. The server has 2 interfaces, one pointing
to the external router and the other to the internal network. Its also
providing DHCP services to the internal network. The firewall filters and
routing is working fine. My VPN clients can authenticate too, but they're
unable to ping or request any services from the internal network. It
seems like the VPN server is receiving packets from the client but its not
sending them back. I read something about ICV in one of Novell's TIDs but
that doesn't apply on my situation because my VPN server is located on the
same server thats doing the NATting (and DHCP).

I know this worked on checkpoint, but perhaps I am not configuring
something right. RIP is disabled and no other setup is done one NAT
side. VPN filters are left at default and like I said the clients
authenticate just fine, they just can't access any servers behind VPN
after the authentication, not even ping works. And yes I AM getting an IP
address from the VPN server for my VPN client.

Looking forward to any help and greatly appreciate your input.