I have setup a NetWare 6.5 server with BM 3.8

I can use a laptop with VPN client on the public side of the server ok.
Now if I use the laptop and connect to the internet, set the VPN client to
the IP address of the ADSL router, I am getting the following error.

"An error was reported by the IKE application"

I check the IKE log and there is the following:

"06-06-2004 11:47:13 AM I-COOKIE=6edb80af,R-

06-06-2004 11:47:14 AM IKEUDPReceiveData:Error receiving data from socket!
06-06-2004 11:47:23 AM Retransmit timer expired :Peer lost our reply
retransmit the old packet to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
06-06-2004 11:47:23 AM ***Send Main Mode message to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"

I've done a search of the Novell support site, but can not find an
answer. I have gone through a Novell Border Manager AppNote: Filtering
Exceptions" and I belive that I have opened all the correct ports on my
ADSL router.

Ant thoughts on this?