Hello all

I am new to ZCM. I have installed the ZCM server. I have the Windows
side all figured out (imaging bundle and policy deployment) its all
really cool

Well now I need to be patching my OES2 servers

All the OES2 boxes are OES2 SP2a and SLES 10 SP3

What I am not sure is the process to patch the OES2. I beleive it is
done via BUNDLES not the ZPM component.

There doesnt't seem to be a step by step for getting the correct bundles
setup and the process to deploy and patch to oes2 via zcm

I dont want to upgrade to OES2 SP3. I need to make sure the OES2 SP2 is
up to date

Anyone have links on step by steps or wrote one that they are willing to