I may have a hard time explaining my question here.

I am hoping to virtualize the adobe CS4 suite and then include it as a zcm
11 addon image

I have done some experimentation with capturing some of the adobe apps and
can get say photoshop or inDesign working. But I don't know to deal with
the multiple exe files I will need to start each app. I've got some course
notes from Brainshare 2010 but they don't cover the jukebox idea.

I can see that there are multiple start files. But I don't know how to get a
start up file for each of the apps that will be in my CS4 capture.

ie when I build my virtual app how can I run photoshop or run inDesign or
Dreamweaver etc separately from the same virtual app?

Make sense? Are there any odd docs/books on this?