i wonder if anyone can help me..I have created this script
zisedit -c
img rp xpm58image.zmg
reboot -f

and loaded it to the correct place.
addfiles\bin and called it john.img

when I run john.img it it does not run zisedit -c but bring up the edit window?

I know zisedit -c works and also when you click past this window and exit then the img rp loads and starts working but when it gets to reboot -f it again stops with the help for reboot!

Can anyone help me..I have check and it looks ok...just not sure why zisedit -c is a problem in the script or reboot -f

Why are we doing this:

We had an issue when the workstation are reimaged they came up with a different name..by change we found that at times when people have built the image that they have called it this different name for testing and this name is in the Image safe so we are clearing it out now so it appears that the machine is always NEW...