I think this is the same query as <http://forums.novell.com/novell/novell-product-discussion-forums/groupwise/groupwise-8x/gw8-install-setup-admin/402058-unable-hide-fields-address-books.html>

In the GW 8 Adminstration Documentation <http://www.novell.com/documentation/gw8/gw8_admin/?page=/documentation/gw8/gw8_admin/data/a7q4urx.html> there is a section "6.1.5 Removing Fields from the Address Book".

The text says "If there are fields in the Address Book that are not used or that you donít want displayed to users, you can remove them."

This information doesn't work here. Mobile number is in the Available Fields list and so should not display in the address book - the column is not available in the address book but the information is displayed on the Summary and Contact pages when a user's details are displayed.

If an attribute is not visible in the addres book it shouldn't be visible anywhere in the address book. In a previous version of GW this was the case (cannot remember which for sure but I think it was GW8 which started displaying it).

We do not want to publish mobile numbers in any way, but we do have a process which requires the field is populated for some users.

Is this the GW8 client ignoring settings or the POA ignoring the settings and passing data to the client?

We are on GW 8.01 HP1 - has this been fixed in SP2 or one of the later HP releases?

Does this need reporting as a bug?