We use Faxmain and have an SMTP box set up for it. Before upgrading the Post office and clients to Groupwise 8, users were able to send faxes through their Groupwise and address them to individual people or companies using the [] symbols. For example [n=Ed] [cn=Ed's Widgets] 4085555512@fax.lc.local This would address the Fax to Eds Widgets. This used to work before the upgrade. Now after the upgrade, if you try and send a fax this way, this is what I receive:

Fax Mail Subject: test

Fax address-->"{cn=test}4195268956"
Error in address at position 17.
Error: Invalid fax number

I am not sure what the problem might be. I do not think the problem is in the client portion. Does anyone have any ideas? thoughts?