We recently upgraded to ZCM 11 from 10.3.1. Our clients are Windows XP with SP3. I have had this error with both the ZCM 11 agent and ZCM 11 agent with cumulative patch 1. With 10.3.1 we rarely had any issues with Remote control. In any situations where a problem did exist if the user rebooted their machine it was usually taken care of. Since the upgrade I have a random number of machines that give me the following error when I try and remote control them.

"Rights Authentication failed. The ZENworks server from which the Remote Management Viewer was launched is not time synchronized with the ZENworks server to which the managed device is registered. If the problem persists even after time synchronization between the servers, contact Novell Technical Services."

Some of the machines allow me to use a password to remote control them after this message. Others do not and return "The specified password is incorrect". Some machines will work after a reboot or two and other won't work at all. I have one remote management policy that is applied to the top level "Workstations" folder.

I have three primary servers. They are SLES 10. I have checked and date returns the same time on each of the servers. I have also tried remote controlling the machines I am having problems with from each server with the same results. Is there someplace else that the time could be out of sync? What steps can I use to troubleshoot this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.