Hi all,
what seemed simple became a nightmare...
I've searched various forums and talked to quite a few consultans but no one seems to have an answer. So therefore I decided to post a new thread here (yes, I know there are a few other threads here about roaming profiler and folder redirect but I can't make any sense out of it).
It's (obviously) about roaming profiles and folder redirect or if anyone has a better solution for us.
The story so far: We're using Zen7, OES2 SP3 with WinXP clients. We have about 1000 students and teachers with personal laptops. About 2200 accounts all in all. We don't use iFolder.
In Zen7 we're using Folder Redirect (the adm-file posted in CoolSolutions in 2004) and it has worked perfect. We had a policy where we redirected My Documents, Favorites and Desktop. However, there soon became more and more laptops and redirecting these things just don't work when the users bring their laptop home. So for those users we made a new policy where the Desktop is not redirected. "Put the stuff you need at home on your Desktop (just don't forget to put it back in your My Documents folder so there will be backups taken)".
"Or you can use NetStorage to access your files". However, there's been much complaining about NetStorage (that it's too difficult...). And saving files to the Desktop isn't a very good idea and now it's time to move on to Windows 7 and ZCM11. But, what would be the best option for us? Is Roaming profiles good enough? I've been testing it a little and after a few logins I get an error message saying something about Windows security (I don't remember the message right now and I'm not at work) and I get logged out. If I delete ntuser.dat in that users profile I can log in 1 or 2 times more before I get that same error message again. I am however skeptical to roaming profiles, we did use that many years ago and there's a reason why we started with folder redirect instead...
But I have read that roaming profiles has been greatly improved since the early WinXP days. Anyone any thoughts about this?
About Folder redirect, is there a way to use our old adm-file in Windows 7? We use a mapped network drive for userhomes. And if so, is there a way to some kind of offline files? I can't find that option in any local GPO?..
Is there anyone who can advice in what to do (and how...)?
Thanks in advance and I hope I don't make anyone angry for posting a new thread about our problem...