Hi all.

I'm preparing to migrate from NW65 SP7 to OES2SP3, 2 clusters, one with 5 nodes and another with 4 nodes.
In this preparation I needed to upgrade to SP8 to allow the change from NDPS to iPrint, still in NetWare before the migration to OES2.

So I installed SP8 in one node of the cluster.
Now I have the following problems:
1. The node doesn't join the cluster. I found TID 5007180 and http://forums.novell.com/novell/nove...1-8-5-a-2.html
For now I choose the later one. Put gipc from SP7. Later with time, I will change this.

2. Whenever I "cluster migrate" or "cluster offline" the iprint/ndps resourse the apache stops saying: "Shutdown pending. Waiting for 1 thread(s) to terminate...<NLM has terminated; press any key to close screen.>".
I found TID 7001892, that I don't like, but I tried and it doesn't work.

a) Can someone help me with the second problem?
b) Is there any more gotchas that I need to be aware?

Thanks in advance, TA.