I'm trying to install a new DSFW server with SLES10 SP3 & OES2 SP3 (64bit) into an existing tree. If you look at the documentation and follow it step by step on a new server (Novell Documentation) -- 6.2.2 Installing DSfW in a Name-Mapped Setup

When you get to step 9, then try to go to step 10, it errors stating that there is no Read/Write or Master replica on this server. (Assume "this server" = the server for which you are currently running the install on.

The problem is that at if you follow that document step by step, the server isn't actually in the tree yet. You're still in the process of installing OES and it hasn't even started or configured eDir at that point. So how could it possibly expect a replica? Also, I remember when DSFW was first released --- With the initial release, it automatically messed with the replicas. With SP2, there was an option so you could choose whether it messed with (ie, horked) the replicas. Now on SP3 there doesn't seem to be an option at all to even let you choose (unless it's a later dialog that I can't get to).

Anybody know how to get around this?