Hi Guys ...
Need your help most urgent.
I need users to be able to access the intranet, from the internet.. Idealy
would be to get VPN working. (I want them to authenticate before accessing
the intranet), anybody got in ideas, just to get this working ???

Now for VPN !!??!!
I bought both craigs books and followed them like bibles .. with no luck..
im now 99% sure that our default route is not setup correctly.

I can successfully connect(authenticate) to vpn server from the outside,
but once connected I cant ping anything (Including BM internal IP), and it
fails to log onto novell . I did add the mapping from the internal BM IP
to itself etc. Disabled IP Filtering, and tried all the other stuff I
could find in the forums with no luck.

Here is some details:
BM 3.7 sp3
NW 6 sp 4
Public IP -
Private IP -

VPN Client 3.8.3 on W2k

VPN Info.
Public : Mask
VPN Tunnel: Mask :
Clients connect through ISP

Static Routes on server.
Default Route : --->
Network : ---> (Central Router)

Hosts internally, Gateways are setup to point to there respective internal
routers (10.*.6.10) which all point to (Central Router)

Now I think the problem lies with the central router (
The IP ROUTE (BM Server Public IP) is not
there.. just looking at it there is no IP ROUTE in the running config.

If you guys can verify that this is definitely why my VPN is not working I
will add it to the router. But even without that default route on the
router , shouldn’t I still be able to ping the internal IP of the BM

Anything else I am missing or should test would be appreciated.

Thanks guys