We recently lost connection to ALL of our VPN links, for no apparent reason.
We still dont know what caused it, but it was cured by adding some static
routes to the other VPN sites. We DIDN'T add these routes in manually
before, and it stopped working all of a sudden, but Its working now...

HOWEVER, our VPN client no longer works? nothing has changed with the setup
of it? We've re-added the protected networks etc.. but still no joy.

We have our BM server with 2 public interfaces, 1 is a leased line ONLY TO
BE USED FOR Site-Site VPN's, the other is a 2MB ADSL line which caters for
our Internet / Email and client-site VPN access. We do this to relieve load
of the important link.

Basically, the filters exist, thats not the issue, and the VPN client
connects, but NONE of the protected networks (ie. Servers / hosts on our
private LAN side) are accessible, by a PING or otherwise.

Thanks in advance