Shaun et. al.,

Just wondered if anyone has experienced this.

We just started replacing labs over here, and thus we retired the old objects instead of deleting them because we wanted to retain the inventory data from those workstations.

When the old machines began to be re-cycled out to faculty, we found that when the ZCM agent installer was run on the machine after formatting the drive (we have one for each folder that a machine would go into, with registration keys tied to each of them), the workstation showed "unmanaged", even though the registration key showed up in the ZENworks Properties on that workstation.

Checking the old object that was retired, the last contact date on the server had been changed to today's date instead of a week or two ago.

Any idea why the workstation wouldn't just create a new GUID when registering since the old object was retired long before the new registration?

The obvious answer would be to clear the ZISD on the workstation and use "zac reg -g" to generate a new GUID when registering, but shouldn't the ZCM Agent installer do this automatically if it finds a pre-existant object that has been retired?