Hello all,
I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this but I think it's either Post office or SOAP issue.

I have a Blackberry User that ran out of space 1 week ago and cleaned up her mailbox. She is able to send emails out of her mailbox fine but not from the Blackberry device. Error is Send Failed and the Messaging Agent logs claim that SOAP returned response "Attempt to add/modify past disk space limit".

Why is GroupWise reporting this to Blackberry via SOAP when she has space? I ran all repairs and update user total on account using local GWCheck. I thought that maybe given a day the servers would recheck and be ok in the morning, but she still can't send.

Yesterday she had 2.7 gbs used and 3gb quota. I uped the quota to 4gbs and ran the repairs. But for some reason SOAP is still sending out this response.

My thoughts are maybe "Enable Caching" being enabled on Post Office is causing some update issue? Or I need to restart the Post Office? To clear something up that old SOAP is finding for the user. Any thoughts?