I am getting this error while trying to migrate a lot of apps.

Could not find mandatory attribute appFlags either the ldap mapping is incorrectly pointing to the starter Pack attribute 'app flags' or there is no mapping. Mappings can be changed in Console One on the LDAP Group object. The App:Flags should point to appFlags, App Flags should point to some other attribute like appFlagsOld
Migration failed for cn=American Indian Dictionary,ou=ZENWORKS,ou=WEST,o=WFISD

I know this error is covered in the documentation about prerequisites, but I have already added these attributes to the zenworks 6.5 server's ldap group objects.

It seems to be doing this mainly on simple apps of which most are just shortcuts that launch a file or a program on a cd(once inserted).

I also added the attribute mappings to the nds server ldap group objects as well, but that didn't seem to work either.

I am using v10.3.1.60029 of the migration utility and I am connecting the migration utility to the zenworks master.

If anybody has any info on this I would be grateful.