When performing a transfer ID on a GW system, what is the best way to get the GW system copied over. Here was my initial thoughts so tell me if I am over complicating this.

  • Setup the target server with volumes to match source (ie VOL1 which contains the GW system on the source)
  • Setup a new target volume "mail"
  • dbcopy/scp the domain and po directories from source_vol1 to target_mail
  • Using the file migration in the miggui to copy source_vol1 to target_vol1 ( this will get any non-GW files as well as the GW files but I will not be using them for the new system)
  • Perform the transfer ID
  • Install/configure the GW agent on the new server pointing them to the new mail volume. I can then remove the unused GW files on VOL1

Would there be an easier way to accomplish this? Any input would be appreciated.