I am running Data Synchronizer 1.1.2 Build 428 and I have one user who is reporting a strange problem. He has an iTouch 8G with software version 3.1.3 7E18 and whenever he sends an email from his device it seems to encode the subject line and pass that through.

For example he sent me a test message with the subject of:

Test from itouch

When I received the message, in the GroupWise client it came through as:


This only started happening after I updated the server to the newest build. I have verified that it is not occurring with an iPhone 3GS 4.0 (8A293) and I have not had any other reports from other users. He is unable to upgrade the software on his iTouch as it is one of the original ones. I have also turned off the HTML email setting on the GroupWise connector with no success.

The subject line looks correct when viewed on the iPhone or the iTouch however they show the ascii information when viewed on the GroupWise client or WebAccess. Thanks for your help.