We're faced with the following problem at our school:

We're running a newly installed 64-bit SLES OES2SP3 server with iPrint.
There's an NDS on two OES2 servers and one NW65 server.
iManager refuses to log in on the new server.

We get the following error message:

(Error -626) The object could not be found. It is possible that the
object exists, but the server could not communicate with the server
holding a copy of the object.

IP based login or TID 7006917 also does not work.

dstrace provides this:

DEBUG: request DSARead by context 48ee0000 ,cFlags=00000387 , scflags=00000000 f
ailed, no such attribute (-603)
DEBUG: DSAResolveName failed, no referrals (-634).

We need some help. Somebody, anybody?