I have 3 servers, 1 NW5.1 SP8, 2 NW6.5 SP8, Groupwise 8.1 hot patch 1.

I am trying to implement the Groupwise backup using TSAFSGW using ARCserve 11.1 backup software. ARCserve is running on the 5.1 server and trying to backup a Groupwise system on the 6.5 server using TSAFS and ARCserve agents.

On the 6.5 server with Groupwise, I have changed TSAFS to use the switch /enableGW=yes. I have started TSAFSGW with a /Home for the PO and a /home for the domain. When I do so, Arcserve sees the PO and Domains and Libraries as Groupwise entities.

Issue 1

ARCserve sees the PO and domain and it appears that it was successfully backed it up (the correct number of files are written to the tape). However, during the backup, I receive the following errors, one for each Groupwise entity that I am attempting to backup:

Jun-12 15:25:00 1686.011 Failed to open temp file
15[DMS]lib000F:\00000821.FS 1, 98

Jun-12 15:25:05 1686.012 Failed to open temp file
16[DOM]DOMAIN:\00000821.FS 1, 98

Jun-12 15:25:08 1686.013 Failed to open temp file 1[PO]PO:\00000821.FS 1,

I have contacted CA about this and the .FS files are not part of their backup software. But, each time I attempt to do a Groupwise backup, I receive one of these errors with the same numeric name for each of the Groupwise entities I attempt to backup - different numerics for each job, but the same across all Groupwise entities being backed up per job.

What does this file do? What does this error mean? Is this error jeopardizing my backup?

Issue 2

When I do a restore, the restore seems to work properly in that all of the files are present in my restore area, approximately 60K files (same as were backed up). I set the restore area in Groupwise and I make me a user of the restore area. When I open my restored backup, all that I have are 2 emails and no sent mail. I didnt look at my cabinets. I have hundreds of items in my mailbox and in my sent folder.

I ran GWCHECK on the restored database and it did recover mail from 5/28 thru 6/12 (the backup was performed on 6/12). However no sent mail was recovered, and no mail prior to 5/28 was recovered. Is it possible that only mail which is not in my online PO is shown in the backup because the email that I see recovered is all mail that I deleted from my online PO.