Hi all,

I have a question concernign the Groupwise connector. We have the following environment. Groupwise + Teaming 2.1 + Data Synchronizer.We have now connected Groupwise to Teaming as written in the interoperability guide of groupwise. As result we have access to the teaming workspaces from within our Groupwise client.
We have now installed the Data Synchronizer with Groupwise and Mobility Plugin.

Now to the question. On the Administration Interface of the Groupwise Data Synchronizer, we have the possibility to select folder to sync. The Teaming folders also appear here.
What is going to be synchronized here ? Who is making what kind of SOAP call to whom ? Would it be the case that the data Synchronizer is pulling information via soap from post-office concerning emails and nativ groupwise stuff and as soon as the teaming folders are connected the Groupwise system starts SOAP calls to the teaming server to get the information ?

Thanks for any hints in advance. Will post news as soon as we have made some tests.

Best regards,
Benjamin Knust