So, I would have put this in the groupwise section, but I felt it was more useful here, where it can get some open feedback...anyways, I work for a school division in northern canada, I got a call from:

Technology Partners | Messaging Architects

Who also still proport to be a large supporter, and partner of novell, called us, and literally started trashing groupwise...saying its going six feet under, stateing groupwise is deadsville, claiming they're going to be ground into peices in 12-18 months..anyways, why would a supporsed partner of groupwise do this? Not only that the sales BS they pulled even trying to get the call to us was so underhanded it was incredible..anyways...anyone else get a call like this...and why is a novell partner doing this? I see novell supporting groupwise right now, even cloud hosted..none the less..still disturbed by this novell partner call.