I had a working C2S VPN under BM3.6 and I upgraded to NSBS6.5/BM3.8. I've made several mistakes and now nothing works, and I want to just start over now that I think I understand the basics. How do I tear out ALL VPN settings and do a non-legacy 3.8 VPN C2S install, getting it to redo all the defaults for me? At this point I can't even get it to bind the VPTUNNEL correctly.

Also, just what NLMs do you need to load in Autoexec.ncf to have a working 3.8 VPN? Nothing appears to get added to autoexec by any of the setup routines.

Can anybody tell me if/how a Cisco 678 DSL router can be configured to forward the IP protocols necessary to enable a 3.8 VPN server to work behind a NAT hop? It does static NAT but only for tcp/udp/icmp, so I'm thinking no....