I don't see much activity here but I'll give this a shot.

I have several OES2SP2 and SP3 servers running ZFS7.1 . The basic 7.1 install works but must be restarted more than I'd like so I thought I'd try IR4HP7 which is said to support OES2SP2 (no mention of SP3). I've tried it on 3 servers with similar results - the Policy Package Agent stops working. This can be seen on the patched server in the Remote Web Console "Display" dropdown in the upper right corner. Before applying HP7 (or HP4 for that matter) You see both "Tiered Electronic Distribution" and "Policy Package Agent" (you have to click on it to see it). After applying the HP you only have TED.

This means that Policy Package distributions don't work (they download but fail to extract). The event log shows: "ERROR - applying the distribution.Reason: helma.xmlrpc.XmlRpcException:XmlRpc Server for FacilitatorXMLRPC not found. Make sure the service is still running"

Of course the service is not running so the error message itself isn't too helpful. I've looked through the startup log but don't see anything obvious.

Anyone seen this problem and fixed it?