Hello NG

I have a serious problem with ZCM11 policies

I defined grouppolicies on ZCM 11 and additional Policies for Office. I
explain you how i did configure these policies.

On a windows 7 gpo administration workstation i copied the office2010 admx
files in the c:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions folder. In this case i was able to
configure the Office policies.
With ZCM i created two policies. One for standard configuration, as "hide
standard programs from standar menu" etc etc. the second one was a Office
policiy where i defined different settings for the applications.

I published these policies to OUs. ZCM11 before it upload the policies to
its webserver it will pack these policies as zip file and place somewhere on
the ZCM Server. I suppose, that when the user login to workstation, the
zipfile will be extracted to the workstation with the settings i made....

The problem is the following. The workstations don't have the additional
admx files on the c:\Windows\PolicyDefinition folder. But the policies were
set correct. I mean Office settings and global GPO settings were set.
Yesterday about 10 machines did lost all GPO settings. I checked with
gpedit.msc if there was policies active. None of the definied policies was
active. and all settings were lost.

What could be the cause of this issue?