I am having diffuculties authenticating to a C2S vpn server.

The hardware:
Dell 2600

The software:
Public address 168.5.x.x Default filters inplace /w/vpn exeptions
Private address

The problem:
Client firewall is working just fine, but I cannot get C2S to athenticate
the user.

I have setup the VPN Server, and the Server certificate, along with the
Trusted root container and the trusted root in the VpN servers context. I
have defined a default c2s service. Added a default Traffic rule to allow
access to Admin for any protocol via NMAS Authentication.

When I attempt to connect to the Public address I recieve the following
error on the client machine.

"Authentication gateway failed to verify entered parameters. A general
error was reported by the authentication gateway".

On the csaudit screen I recieve the following error.

Authclient #0 (X.x.x.x): GetCh Alloc for user name failed"

I see the Admin user name, and the ip address from the machine I am
connecting from, but no athentication.

All nlms seem to be loading, as far as I can tell.What am I missing here?
What have I left out or misconfigured?
Any Help would be appreciated.