So now that I have seen your other half of your thread...

As you say, you cannot create a Linux host name with an Underscore
within it. And thay applied to an OES box as much as any Linux box.

You have a cluster with virtual servers that corespond to different
resources, and you want to move that volume/resource to a VMWare guest
(keeping the same LUN) but you also want to maintain the same Virtual
Server host name.

There are two solutions to this, one is to ensure that your clients
use DNS as the highest priority on their NW Client name resolution and
then set up your DNS with A-Records for the new Servername with a
Cname of the old resource virtual server name. This will resolve UNC
paths and keep them working.

If you want to create a virtual server that has the original name, do
what I saidn create the new server in paralel, move the volume, and
bring it into eDirectory (you will need to remove the shared volume
flag) and then create a ONE NODE cluster - create a simple IP resource
that has the old Virtual server name and the old IP number.