What is the MINIMUM amount of hardware required to set up and lab the BM
3.8 Client to Site VPN?

I have ONE dual-homed NW 6.5 Server attached to a Windows XP Pro
Workstation with straight-thru cables through a switch. Connectivity is
fine. But do I need something more for the C2S VPN to work?

I have configured the NW 6.5 as a MASTER Site to Site as it appears to
be required before I can set up Client to Site.

I have used Chapters 19 and 20 from the latest edition of Craig
Johnson's book to set all this up (much more simply, of course than all
his examples), and all SPs are the latest (B1SP2) and I have the latest
NICI enabled TCP/IP stack which is also a Beta. eDir is PLUS

All setup was done through iManger 2.0.2 which was a little cranky in
places but I was apparently able to overcome those rough spots, and I
was and am running the latest VPN plugins for iManager from VPN Client
Package 3.8.5 and I also copied the new IKE.NLM from that package to
SYS:SYSTEM on the server as well.

When I go into iManager 2.0.2, it shows I have an Enabled C2S setup and
a Master S2S setup, and all appears to be configured properly.

The main problem I still have is that when STARTVPN.NCF runs, it fails
to load VPMASTER.NLM and AUTHGW.NLM. If I load VPMASTER by hand, I get
an 85% CPU HOG. If I then try to load AUTHGW.NLM by hand, I get the
FFFFF3BD error (I think) and it fails to load. This is in spite of the
fact that I don't even run STARTBRD.NCF except by hand, and up to 30
minutes after NPKIT.NLM has loaded and appears to be stable.

Also, I had to add the VPTUNNEL.LAN setup by hand - iManager 2.0.2
refuses to do so, but that too is correct for the Tunnel Address.

I have even done RUNVPN.NLM with the -L3 option, but I can see no errors
reported there at all in SMCLOG.TXT.

If I use Remote Manager, it tells me I have NO Site to Site VPN because,
naturally, VPMASTER is NOT LOADED. If I load it, it tells me I do (but
then the CPU is HOGGED).

Perhaps I don't have enough hardware to properly lab this. If not, WHAT
ELSE DO I NEED? I have checked and rechecked the configuration, and have
done everything per Craig Johonson's book. This ****ed thing should
work, but it does not.


Tom Simpson
Omaha, NE