Hey Guys,

I'm currently trying to migrate our head office staff's home drives (nss volume) from our existing san to a nice new one. Miggui is being a bit of a pig, so i'm using migfiles to do the migration. I've had users complain that they are missing files, and investigating it, it's become obvious that if I navigate the linux file system on the cluster node thats hosting the home drive nns resource, I can't see those missing files. There are files there, but random ones are missing. The weird thing is, if I browse the resouces using a windows pc attached to the resource, I can see the files fine, but obviously migfiles is copying at the linux file system level and if it can't see it, it isn't getting copied.

I'm going to try migrating the cluster resource tonight, but I was just wondering if anyone has noticed missing files when browsing through the linux host before (got to be honest, I just assumed it would all be viewable from the host).

I don't really want to use windows to copy the files, because I want to keep trustee rights and last accessed times.

Anyone seen this before, or have an idea whats happening?

Oh I should mention its a 3 node cluster running SLES 10 sp3 with OES2 sp2