I have an annoying problem with my SLES10 OES2 server. I installed and updated the SLES10 install first (no futher than SP3) and all went ok.

I then installed OES2 SP3, and all went ok.. with one exception. I was not propmpted at any point for my activation code.

No worries thought I.. and went to the customer service centre to register. Only SLES10 was appearing as an option.

So I deleted current update sources, removed the deviceid secret,. restarted zmd and re-registered. Again, only SLES10 appearing.

I removed thr deviceid again, rebooted, and used the command line to register both products using suse_register. Voila, system went through the process of adding loads of update sources. However, they are STILL no appring under update sources, my serials are not showing as used on Novell SUpport Center, and STILL NO UPDATES!

I am going spare, can anyone assist before I have to face the pain of contact Novell SUpport directly (I have terrible experiences that have destroyed my faith in them)