We've got a problem with 2 new cluster nodes, when trying to migrate a pol on to them the cluster resource goes comatose.
In the /var/opt/novell/log/ncs/ resource.load.out
we see an error 20892.
That is nss /poolact=res fails because the server thinks the resource is used by another cluster node. That is not the case.
I've read the TID about that error but there it was said that this issue is fixed with ncpserv later than Jan 10.
The node in question is OES2SP3 and ncpserv is 2.0.3-0.21 (May 2011).
If i do a "cluster status" it shows the resource running on another node, but wwhen I try and migrate the resource it goes comatose.
We are running a mixed cluster (4* NW6.5SP8, 1 OES2SP2 (which works), 2 OES2SP3 (don't work)).

Where to look next?