I noticed that one post office when ever the move of the account has finished, instead of sending a purge to source post office, i get this,
"06:38:02 8EE (TRACKMOVE) The INVENTORY list is now EMPTY: user (gti)
06:38:02 8EE (TRACKMOVE) (Move.) Transfer Complete. All Items Received: user (gti)
06:38:02 8EE (TRACKMOVE) (Move.) Sending Purge Notification: user (gti)
06:38:02 8EE (TRACKMOVE) Sending ACTION_DELETE_USER: user (gti)
06:38:02 8EE (TRACKMOVE) (Move.) Item Received: user (gti)"

many times.
this is the second account doing this.
any ideas??