We have a dilema that could potentially de-commision our BorderManager
servers :-( ....

Our site-site VPNs have GroupWise traffic (PO links to Head office) and web
traffic (IIS server running at head office) going thrpugh them, but we cant
ensure thats the only data going through, because as far as I know, you
CANNOT see what data is going through the tunnel NOR CAN YOU "prioritise" or
"limit" what IS going through.

Because the Web Server at head office hosts our "front end" to the companies
ERP system, this needs to be a reliable and fast connection for the users at
other sites to be able to work. So, basically, or requirement is to limit
ANYTHING BUT the traffic related to this IIS server. At the moment, Email
traffic (we assume Email, as we cannot check!) is killing the web traffic
link speed...

So, is there...

1. A way to see what kind of traffic is passing down your tunnel?
2. A way to PRIORITIZE the bandwidth by PORT number or packet / traffic
3. A way to STOP any unwanted traffic going through the tunnel?

The link is not the best, but we cannot afford expensive leased lines...

Please advise, anyone who has any comments or suggestions will be helping me
a great deal, as at the moment, we are going down the route of a different
firewall (integrated appliance) that allows prioritizing the VPN traffic,
therefore replacing BorderManager...

Thanks in advance