Hi there!

I want to move all Users from a Post Office to another PO in a different eDirectory tree.

The old system is GW 5.5 on OES2 SP1 and the new one is GW8 on OES2 SP3. The old eDirectory tree was full of junk which was collected over the years ... so i decided to make a whole new one.

My plan was to archive all mails from the old mailbox and access this archive from the new GW-user in the new GW-system.
Sounds easy... but i stuck here. I tried this whole thing about FID-editing. I was thinking that, when both users have the same FID and name ... they can both access the archive. Am I right here? :-)

How can I remove a mailbox? I deleted a user in the new tree with his GW-account but the mailbox.id file is still here. (POA folder/ofusers/user"FID".db)

Did you ever tried something like that? Is his whole thing here possible or do I have to go another way? What else can I do to get this GW accounts (with the mails!!) in the new NDS tree?

Greetings from Austria!