first off all we are running ZCM Version 10.3.3

We have got a problem handling to import the LDAP fields to the Inventory fields.

To reduce the failure case we are already working with the main administrator in ldap.

Our mappings are configured as following:

KEY: Device/Login Name = inetOrgPerson/cn

User/First Name <- inetOrgPerson/givenName
User/Last Name <- inetOrgPerson/sn

After the task has run the "Device Mapped" field shows the sum of all our workstations we have in our Managed Devices in ZCM but when we have a look at the Inventory of a Device nothing was imported.

We also already tried to configure an own UID in Administrator-Defined Fields both in User as well as in Workstation that we could use as identifying key but this also did not work for us.

By the way in the LDAP trace we can see the attributes that are requested are fetched from the ZCM.

Can anyone please help us, because in the meantime we rather urgent have to do some reports.

Thx in advance,

Andreas Kollmann