We are building a new images with moving to Windows 7 and are having some
difficulties replicating our current Windows XP and ZDM environment.

Currently, all of our teacher laptops are configured to autologin to the
desktop using a generic local account. Then, if in district, the teacher
would manually login to eDir and launch the ZDM Application Explorer.

We are trying to accomplish a similar mode with Windows 7 and ZCM
10.3.3. I have entered the "DisablePassiveModeLogin" (have yet to try
the "HonorWorkstationOnlyLogin" but I feel the results will be the
same). This reg change does keep the ZCM login prompt from appearing,
but the user does not get authenticated when logging in to eDir. Is
there something we can put into the login script to trigger a login to

Additionally, the "Login" option on the "Z" icon is greyed out, so it
seems the user can't even manually login.

So, is there any way to login to Windows, and then automatically
authenticate to ZCM when the eDir login happens?

Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL