We are attempting to follow TID# 10027333 for mapping drives to a cluster resource, (through a DOS prompt). When using the following

Map root x:=\\a1xxxx\a1xxxx\home the server mapping responds back correctly. However; when we try to use the eDirectory object

Map root x:=.a2xx_a1xxxx.axxxxxxxxx.ax.dx.nxxxx:\home (which is the users home drives) It returns the following :
MAP-4.13 (970813) PTF-195: Directory [L:=.a2xx_a1xxxx.axxxxxxxx.ax.dx.nxxxx:\home] cannot be located.

I have also tried using the IP address in the above example and I receive the same error. I have also tried the FDQ name and that also responds back with a failure, with the .cn=.ou=.ou=.o=nxxx, any other ideas?