We are using MSN dialup for our Internet connection for our sales people.
I have tried internal and external modems. When we use Windows XP
Novellís VPN client (3.8.3 and 3.8.5) will not authenticate the users
using NMAS. MSNís Internet connection quits responding and I have to
reboot the computer. I have not been able to narrow it down whether it is
MSN or the VPN client. I am using a brand new HP computer out of the box
with XP SP1. All that is installed on the computer is MSN, 4.9 SP1a
client, and VPN client. I have also tried the NMAS 2.3.3 update and that
made no difference.

If I am going over a broadband connection using XP everything works OK.
It seems to be when using dialup.

If I try the same thing using Windows 2000 everything works fine.

Has anyone had problems with the VPN using dialup connections?

Thanks for any help!!