Using Client 2 SP1 IR7 on W7-64 or 32, I have run into a couple of
places where a setup.exe program running from a mapped drive seems to be
using the UNC path of its folder instead of the mapped drive letter.
For example if the installer I want to run is at the far end of
"//server/volume/some very long path/installer folder" and I map root
"installer folder" to say some drive letter such as G:, when the
installer runs, it picks up its its local path for the install as the
UNC path of the whole thing instead of the drive letter. These same
installers operate as expected from Client 4.91, whatever SP on WinXP or
W2K. The two problem items I have seen, one is a CAD program and the
other is a VFP database app. Is there a setting somewhere, or have I
just run into another reason to not like W7