Got a weird problem i'm having with a migartion from oes1 linux to oes2 sp3 64 bit

all the files come across as expected, sync works and does the delta changes, but my client is telling me the trustees aren't right (theyre still using the old server for now)

I recall reading a couple of years ago about there being a quirk with tree's that have had an oes1 linux server in them when you put an oes2 box in there's something you're meant to do - of course I can't find any reference to this anymore anywhere

So where the heck have my trustees gone off to, I havn't rebooted the new server after any of the migrations as it's running some other software and can't be rebooted

after an nss migration do you need to restart any services on the new box, or do an nss resync?

miggui shows the trustee options being greyed out, which in a same tree migartion seems fair enough as you'd want to keep your trustees

it's been a while since i've done oes migrations, so this isn't exactly bolstering me with confidence...