As a software developer I often have to send HTML and XML to others, or quote a part in my messages.

I find it very annoying that the GroupWise 8 Webclient strips HTML and XML from messages.
anything that looks like <????>*</????> gets stripped.

Send yourself an e-mail looking like this:

and it will end up like this:
Is there a way around this, or otherwise could you please fix this.

My mails usually contain a lot of stuff like this:
<xs:simpleType name="FilterSelectionType">
<xs:restriction base="xs:string">
<xs:enumeration value="10-70 MHz"/>
<xs:enumeration value="10-90 MHz"/>
<xs:enumeration value="30-70 MHz"/>
<xs:enumeration value="30-90 MHz"/>
<xs:enumeration value="110-190 MHz"/>
<xs:enumeration value="170-230 MHz"/>
<xs:enumeration value="210-250 MHz"/>

This gets stripped completely from the message. I now have to resort to sending empty messages, with the actual message as a text file attachment. This is a lot of hassle and very annoying.

It only happens on the Webclient version 8. As far as I can remember 6.5 and 7.0 behaved much better.